Advance Serial Press Sheet

The Phantom Advance Serial Press Sheet was published in USA in 1943.

Press Books have been around as long as there have been movies and serials, and feature an eclectic mix of elements helping to promote a film or serial. They also contain production information regarding the feature in question, including actor information, locations used and credits to producers.

The Advance Serial Press sheet pre-empts the release of an official Press Book, giving theater managers time to think about how they would like to advertise an upcoming production, letting them plan and organize paraphernalia.

The Phantom Advance Serial Press Sheet contains 4 individual sides featuring an abundance of campaign information, including production information (actor names, names of Serial chapters, storyline, etc.), marketing collateral available free of charge or for purchase, plus how/where the Serial would be marketed by the producers.

Thank you Jeff Frandeka for assisting with images and information.