Jan Lööf

Jan Lööf, born on the 30th of May, 1940 in Trollhättan, Sweden is an illustrator, author, comic creator and a jazz musician. He went to Konstfack (University of Arts, Crafts and Design) in the early 1960’s and developed his characteristic artistic style.

First appearing on the 2nd of October, 1967 thru until 1973, Jan Lööf wrote and drew his most famous comic strip Felix, which soon gained popularity not only in Sweden, but also internationally.

Fiffige Alf was the name of the comic series initially present to PIB (Press Illustrations Bureau) by Jan Lööf, but the publisher renamed the comic strip to Felix. Felix is commonly described as the Swedish version of Tintin, a young boy who goes on strange adventures and isn’t surprised by all the quirky situation that arise. 11 Felix stories were created and drawn by Jan Lööf:

  1. Felix on the Big Monkey (1967)
  2. Felix and the Time Machine (1968)
  3. Felix and the Great Rebellion (1968-69)
  4. Felix and the Flying Saucers (1969)
  5. Felix and the Phantom (1969-70)
  6. Felix and the Werewolf (1970)
  7. Felix in the Wild West (1970)
  8. Felix and Ben Hassan’s Treasure (1971)
  9. Felix and the Meteor (1971)
  10. Felix and Cecilia (1971-72)
  11. Felix in Africa (1972)

The Phantom appears in the series as a parody in the 5th comic strip story titled ‘Felix and the Phantom’. Containing 104 comic strips in black and white, the story was published in Dagens Nyheter newspaper from the 5th of November, 1969 thru to the 10th of March, 1970.

Below we see Felix visiting the Phantoms Skull Cave.

Felix and the Phantom comic strips and illustrations have appeared on the cover and within various album style Scandinavian publications:

  • Jan Lööf’s Felix – Carsen Comics – Sweden 1980
  • Jan Lööf Felix Och Fantomen – Carsen Comics – Sweden 1989
  • Jan Lööfs Series – Carthage – Sweden 2009
  • Jan Lööfs Serier – Carthage – Denmark 2012
  • Felix Och Fantomen – Carthage – Sweden 2013
  • Felix Och Fantomen – Carthage – Sweden 2014