Carl Johan De Geer

Carl Johan De Geer was born on the 13th of July 1938 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He grew up in Canada, Copenhagen, Brussels and Warsaw, before the family returned to Sweden. He would go on to study at Konstfack – University College of Art, Crafts and Design in 1959 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Carl Johan De Geer is well known in Sweden as a multidisciplinary artist working as an artist, writer, filmmaker, musician, designer, culture journalist, photographer, actor and scenographer.

In 1964, together with his wife at the time, Lena Helgesson, Carl Johan De Geer started a fabric printing company called ‘Birger Jarlsgatan 95’, opening a shop under the name of ‘Fontessa’.

In 1967, Carl Johan De Geer produced a radical and socially provoking art exhibition titled ‘Betrayal of the Motherland’ at Galleri Karlsson in Stockholm. Amongst the art exhibited were works depicting the burning of a Swedish flag with the words ‘KUKEN (translating to ‘COCK’) and ‘Skända Flaggan’ (translating to ‘Desecrate the Flag’) written on it. A variety of pieces were confiscated by authorities.

In 1968, Carl Johan De Geer started a magazine titled ‘PUSS’, together with Lars Hillersberg, Karin Frostenson, Lena Svedberg and Ulf Rahmberg.

Together with Håkan Alexandersson, Carl Johan De Geer created a number of TV shows/series including Tårtan in 1973, Doktor Krall in 1974 and Privatdetektiven Kant in 1983. In 1990 he was awarded ‘The Golden Beetle’ for joint film production with Håkan Alexandersson.

Carl Johan De Geer created 2 limited edition lithographs featuring the Phantom.

The first limited edition lithograph was produced in 1978 titled ‘The Phantom in Skanör’ measuring 61cm x 74cm in landscape format limited to 290 worldwide.

The second limited edition lithograph is titled ‘The Phantom in Stockholm’ measuring 58cm x 80cm in portrait format limited to 190 worldwide.