The Singh Brotherhood

The Singh Brotherhood are Pirates and the arch-enemies of the Phantom. The Singh Brotherhood were created by Lee Falk and Ray Moore, and first appeared in the very first Phantom adventure, (titled “The Singh Brotherhood”).

The Singh Brotherhood are the Pirates who attacked the ship off the coast of Bengali in which the future 1st Phantom was traveling on and is the basis of the Phantom’s oath.


Sala appeared in the very first Phantom adventure, The Singh Brotherhood by Lee Falk and Ray Moore. She returned in a few later adventures as the leader of The Sky Band (a group of airline pilot pirates), but inwardly proved to have a good heart and tried to improve.

In 2005, Sala’s daughter Sara (as seen above) appeared in a Phantom adventure produced by Moonstone Books in the US.

General Babo Bababu

General Babo Bababu was Dr Lamanda Luaga’s opponent in the first election after Bengali’s independence. When Bababu lost, he started a revolt and tried to kill the newly elected President Luaga. The revolt was interrupted when the Phantom led him to the Skull Cave and let him fight a duel with Luaga. As an old boxer, Luaga won easily. Bababu ended up in prison, but has repeatedly tried to demand revenge through assassination of Lamanda Luaga and coup attempts.

He has a daughter, Lila who is married to Lamanda Luaga’s son Lon .

Kamil Kazi

Princess Sin

Chandra Sykharn