Model Kits

The Phantom And The Voodoo Witch Doctor

In 1965, Revell released ‘The Phantom and the Voodoo Witch Doctor’ model kit in USA. The box contains the Phantom and a Voodoo Witch Doctor which are in kit form and disassembled (made up of 19 pieces). Also found within the box is an assembly instruction manual. All components are sealed in a clear plastic pouch.

The white plastic parts don’t click together, but require glue to assemble (which isn’t included). The Phantom comes in 14 pieces requiring assembly, plus 2 pieces for the base and name plate. The Voodoo Witch Doctor comes in 2 pieces plus a base.

The model also doesn’t come with paint or brushes to color and decorate as required.

In 2016, another version of this model kit was released, by a company named Atlantis. The graphics and contents are extremely similar to the original Revell model kit, however the two can be easily distinguished.

Firstly, the logo on the box on the front bottom right has been replaced from Revell to Atlantis. Secondly, the plastic parts within the box are purple, as opposed to white as seen in Revell’s model kit. These 2 points are the main distinguishing factors between the two model kits.

Below you can see the 2 model kits side-by-side and the difference in color of the plastic contents.

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Voodoo Doll

At around the same time as the 1965 Revell model kit was released, a ‘shrunken head’ doll was released in ‘dime shops’ in USA, with the toy card at the top bearing the ‘Phantom’ text and the Voodoo Witch Doctor graphics as seem on the box of the model kit.

There seems to be no connection between the model kit and the shrunken head doll, except for the fact that the same text and graphics have been used on both products.

The toy seems to be cheaply made, with the head and the body not designed for the one toy, but are sold as one.

Example of Painted Model Kit

The Phantom – The Ghost Who Walks

Released in 2006 by Action Hobbies in USA, ‘The Phantom – The Ghost Who Walks’ is a model kit which is purchased disassembled and unpainted.

The 11 part’s are made of resin, requiring glue to assemble the various pieces. The model also doesn’t come with paint or brushes to color and decorate as required.

Each piece contains a great deal of detail, especially when looking at individual pieces such as Devil or even the base-plate. Once assembled and painted, these details really standout and makes for a nice display.

Example of Painted Model Kit


In 1974, a Phantom and Devil prototype model kit was designed by Dave Cockrum for the Aurora Plastics Corporation in USA. Aurora was already producing comic book character model kits of Batman, Wonder Woman, The Line Ranger, Superman, etc.

The model kit was never produced as the company ceased producing their comic book character model kits in the middle of the 1970’s.

Action Hobbies would release a model kit based on this design in 2006 (as seen above).