Pyton Magazine #10

The Phantom makes an appearance on the cover of Pyton Magazine number 10, published by Gevion in Norway in 1990.

Pyton Magazine contains 50 black and white pages with 5 comical spoofs of the Phantom.

Day Kolstad who was the Norwegian MAD Magazine editor, left MAD in 1986 and started the competing humor magazine Pyton. Kolstad hired several artists of the Norwegian MAD (including Arild Midthun and Tommy Sydsæter). The rising war between the Norwegian MAD and Python peaked in 1988, when Pyton printed a fake MAD-cover on the back, hoping to entice readers from MAD. This resulted in a trial and Gevion (Pyton’s publisher) was ordered to pay 80 000 Norwegian Kroner in damages. In the late 1980’s, Pyton finally won the battle. The sales of the Norwegian MAD began to decrease rapidly, while Pyton numbers were rising. Late 1994 came the closure of the Norwegian MAD magazine.

Thank you Christopher Smith for assisting with images and information.