Superman Vs Muhammad Ali

Superman vs. Muhammad Ali was originally published by DC Comics in USA in 1978. The oversize (measuring 10″ x 13.5″) one-shot, full color comic book features a large number of celebrities on both the front and back covers.

The 72 page comic is based on an original story written by Dennis O’Neil which was adapted by Neal Adams, with pencils by Neil Adams, inks by Dick Giordano and background inks by Terry Austin.

The basic story-line of the comic is, Superman teams-up with the heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali to defeat an alien invasion of Earth, requiring them to compete in a boxing match, with Superman not allowed to use his superpowers.

The full cover of this edition can be seen below.

Superman vs. Muhammad Ali has been republished in various countries and languages, including Italy, Germany, Japan, Brazil, Sweden and Denmark.

Superman Mod Muhammad Ali (which translates to Superman vs. Muhammad Ali) was published by Interpresse in Denmark in 1978. This version had it’s cover altered to feature well known public figures in Danish society, plus fictional characters.

As a result, we see the Phantom featured on the back cover, watching the boxing match between Superman and Muhammad Ali, in the lower center.

A close-up image of the Phantom can be seen below, believed to of been illustrated by John Kristiansen, working for Interpresse as a lithographer.

On the top left of the back cover, the publisher Interpresse, asks its readers, ”Do you recognize the famous heads that witness the greatest boxing match ever?