Fantasy Covers

The following comic covers are imaginary and don’t actually exist in comic book form. They are purely creative art of the Phantom, generally featuring another comic book character/s, presented in a comic book cover format.

DC Comics – Super-Team Family – Ross Pearsall

All Star Comics

DC Comics

DC Comics – The Brave And The Bold – Ross Pearsall

Indiana Jones

King Comics

Charlton Comics

Marvel Comics

ABZ Comics – Gustavo S Rubio

DC Comics – The Young All-Stars – Lou Manna

King Comics – Girl Phantom

America’s Best Comics – Tom Strong

DC Universe – Bo Hampton

Fumetto – Claudio Villa & Guy Poissant

Harvey Hits – Toni Solanes & Javi Solanes

The Jungle Book – Brian Lee Okert

The Phantom vs Predator – Fabricio Campos

King Comics – Scott Dutton

King Comics – Logan Wood

King Comics – Keisy Lopez