Daily Stories

A list of stories published in various newspapers around the world on weekdays:

1 The Singh Brotherhood FalkFalk, Moore17-Feb-367-Nov-36
2 The Sky Band FalkMoore9-Nov-3610-Apr-37
3 War in the Jungle FalkMoore12-Apr-3718-Sep-37
4 Little Toma FalkMoore20-Sep-375-Feb-38
5 The Prisoner of the Himalayas FalkMoore7-Feb-3818-Jun-38
6 Adventure in Algiers FalkMoore20-Jun-3823-Jul-38
7 The Shark’s Nest FalkMoore25-Jul-385-Nov-38
8 Fishers of Pearls FalkMoore7-Nov-3828-Jan-39
9 The Slave Traders FalkMoore30-Jan-396-May-39
10 The Mysterious Girl FalkMoore8-May-392-Sep-39
11 The Golden Circle FalkMoore4-Sep-3920-Jan-40
12 The Sea Horse FalkMoore22-Jan-4027-Jul-40
13 The Game of Alvar FalkMoore29-Jul-4014-Dec-40
14 Diana Aviatrix Lost FalkMoore16-Dec-4012-Jul-41
15 The Phantom’s Treasure FalkMoore14-Jul-4131-Jan-42
16 The Inexorables FalkMoore, McCoy2-Feb-429-Jan-43
17 Bent Beak Broder FalkMcCoy11-Jan-4322-May-43
18 The Phantom’s Engagement FalkMcCoy24-May-4324-Jul-43
19 High Seas Highjacker FalkMcCoy26-Jul-4326-Feb-44
20 Diana FalkMcCoy28-Feb-4420-May-44
21 The Crooner FalkMcCoy22-May-4426-Aug-44
22 The Maharajah’s Daughter FalkMcCoy28-Aug-4424-Mar-45
23 The Blue Gang FalkMcCoy26-Mar-4526-May-45
24 Lago the Lake God FalkMcCoy28-May-4511-Aug-45
25 The Wild Girl FalkMcCoy13-Aug-4510-Nov-45
26 The Mermaids of Melo Straits FalkMoore12-Nov-4516-Feb-46
27 Princess Valerie FalkMoore, McCoy18-Feb-4613-Jul-46
28 Queen Asta of Trondelay FalkMcCoy15-Jul-4626-Oct-46
29 Mister Hog FalkMcCoy28-Oct-4629-Mar-47
30 Romance FalkMcCoy31-Mar-4729-Nov-47
31 The Devil Road FalkMcCoy1-Dec-4722-May-48
32 The Girls FalkMcCoy24-May-4830-Oct-48
33 The Masked Marvel FalkMcCoy1-Nov-4819-Feb-49
34 Fathers and Sons FalkMcCoy21-Feb-4923-Apr-49
35 The Flirtatious Princess FalkMcCoy25-Apr-4920-Aug-49
36 The Thuggees FalkMcCoy22-Aug-4925-Feb-50
37 The Ape Idol of the Durugu FalkMcCoy27-Feb-506-May-50
38 The Movie Stars FalkMcCoy8-May-509-Sep-50
39 The White Monkey FalkMcCoy11-Sep-502-Dec-50
40 The Gray Gang FalkMcCoy4-Dec-5024-Mar-51
41 Whirlpool Channel FalkMcCoy26-Mar-5116-Jun-51
42 The Tiger Girl FalkMcCoy18-Jun-5115-Sep-51
43 The Governor’s Family FalkMcCoy17-Sep-511-Dec-51
44 The Professor FalkMcCoy3-Dec-5115-Mar-52
45 The Jungle Patrol FalkMcCoy17-Mar-5231-May-52
46 Bobo the Toy Dog FalkMcCoy2-Jun-5219-Jul-52
47 The Great Ajax FalkMcCoy21-Jul-5211-Oct-52
48 The Toad Men FalkMcCoy13-Oct-5228-Feb-53
49 The Lady from Nowhere FalkMcCoy2-Mar-5320-Jun-53
50 The Matchmaker FalkMcCoy22-Jun-5310-Oct-53
51 The Super Apes FalkMcCoy12-Oct-5330-Jan-54
52 Ragon’s Game FalkMcCoy1-Feb-545-Jun-54
53 The Mob FalkMcCoy7-Jun-5411-Sep-54
54 The Wrestling Tourney FalkMcCoy13-Sep-5418-Dec-54
55 Aboard the SS Gay FalkMcCoy20-Dec-5412-Mar-55
56 The Slimming of Prince Tagon FalkMcCoy14-Mar-5521-May-55
57 Captain Kidder’s Treasure FalkMcCoy23-May-5530-Jul-55
58 Dr Axel and the Witchmen FalkMcCoy1-Aug-558-Oct-55
59 Queen Sansamor and the Sixth Man FalkMcCoy10-Oct-5521-Jan-56
60 The Wisdom of Solomon FalkMcCoy23-Jan-5625-Feb-56
61 U-Town FalkMcCoy27-Feb-5619-May-56
62 The Grove of the Sleeping Giant FalkMcCoy21-May-561-Sep-56
63 The Shoplifters FalkMcCoy3-Sep-5617-Nov-56
64 The Heavyweight Champion FalkMcCoy19-Nov-5612-Jan-57
65 Wambo the Gambler FalkMcCoy14-Jan-5730-Mar-57
66 The White Princess FalkMcCoy1-Apr-5729-Jun-57
67 The Valley of No Return FalkMcCoy1-Jul-5721-Sep-57
68 The Crown Jewels of Corba FalkMcCoy23-Sep-5721-Dec-57
69 The Scorpia FalkMcCoy23-Dec-573-May-58
70 The Two Signs FalkMcCoy5-May-5823-Aug-58
71 The Crybaby FalkMcCoy25-Aug-581-Nov-58
72 The Underwater Diamond Thieves FalkMcCoy3-Nov-587-Mar-59
73 The Betrothal FalkMcCoy9-Mar-5913-Jun-59
74 The Swamp Rats FalkMcCoy15-Jun-593-Oct-59
75 The Flying Horse FalkMcCoy5-Oct-5916-Jan-60
76 The Reporter FalkMcCoy18-Jan-602-Apr-60
77 The Monkey Mail FalkMcCoy4-Apr-606-Aug-60
78 The Jungle Olympics FalkMcCoy8-Aug-6029-Oct-60
79 The 50th Wife FalkMcCoy31-Oct-6025-Feb-61
80 The Iron Dragon FalkMcCoy27-Feb-6113-May-61
81 The Werewolf FalkMcCoy15-May-6119-Aug-61
82 The Slave Market of Mucar FalkBarry21-Aug-6110-Feb-62
83 The Epidemic FalkBarry12-Feb-6216-Jun-62
84 The Wharf Rats FalkBarry18-Jun-6213-Oct-62
85 The Mysterious Ambassador FalkBarry15-Oct-621-Jun-63
86 The Mystery of the Island of Dogs FalkBarry3-Jun-6314-Dec-63
87 The Drummer of Timpenni FalkBarry16-Dec-6321-Mar-64
88 The Reef FalkBarry23-Mar-6427-Jun-64
89 The Adventures of Lucy Cary FalkBarry29-Jun-6412-Dec-64
90 The Bad Ones FalkBarry14-Dec-6417-Apr-65
91 The Hanta Witch FalkBarry19-Apr-6531-Jul-65
92 Prince Hali and the White Stallion FalkBarry2-Aug-651-Jan-66
93 Bullets’ Town FalkBarry3-Jan-6628-May-66
94 The Killer FalkBarry30-May-6610-Sep-66
95 The Sea God FalkBarry12-Sep-6624-Dec-66
96 The Satchel FalkBarry26-Dec-6618-Mar-67
97 The Crime School FalkBarry20-Mar-6724-Jun-67
98 Deadman’s Point FalkBarry26-Jun-6730-Sep-67
99 The Rogue Elephant FalkBarry2-Oct-6720-Jan-68
100 Jungle Olympics FalkBarry22-Jan-684-May-68
101 The Frame-Up FalkBarry6-May-686-Jul-68
102 The Hydra FalkBarry8-Jul-6812-Oct-68
103 The Art Thieves FalkBarry14-Oct-688-Feb-69
104 The Masked Ball FalkBarry10-Feb-6922-Mar-69
105 The Jungle Home FalkBarry24-Mar-6921-Jun-69
106 Rex, the Missing Heir FalkBarry23-Jun-694-Oct-69
107 The Gladiator FalkBarry6-Oct-6917-Jan-70
108 The Missing Daddy FalkBarry19-Jan-7018-Apr-70
109 Luaga’s Undercover Tour FalkBarry20-Apr-7025-Jul-70
110 The Mission FalkBarry27-Jul-705-Dec-70
111 Yes FalkBarry7-Dec-7013-Feb-71
112 The Fence FalkBarry15-Feb-718-May-71
113 The Mysterious Passenger FalkBarry10-May-7124-Jul-71
114 The Vultures FalkBarry26-Jul-716-Nov-71
115 The Lost City of Pheenix FalkBarry8-Nov-718-Jan-72
116 The Witchman FalkBarry10-Jan-728-Apr-72
117 The Tanker-Jackers FalkBarry10-Apr-7215-Jul-72
118 The Keeper of the Peace FalkBarry17-Jul-7214-Oct-72
119 The Giant of Kaluga FalkBarry16-Oct-7227-Jan-73
120 The Trial of Patrolman Zokko FalkBarry29-Jan-735-May-73
121 The Things FalkBarry7-May-7318-Aug-73
122 Vandal-Looters FalkBarry20-Aug-7324-Nov-73
123 The Pampered Princess FalkBarry26-Nov-7330-Mar-74
124 The Curse of the Sacred Image FalkBarry1-Apr-7424-Aug-74
125 The Normal Life FalkBarry26-Aug-7428-Dec-74
126 The Cavelands FalkBarry30-Dec-7419-Apr-75
127 T FalkBarry21-Apr-7513-Sep-75
128 Hzzz FalkBarry15-Sep-7529-Nov-75
129 Star of Bangalla FalkBarry1-Dec-756-Mar-76
130 Mystery of Kula-Ku FalkBarry8-Mar-7631-Jul-76
131 S.S. Blitz FalkBarry2-Aug-7630-Oct-76
132 Return of the Terrorists FalkBarry1-Nov-7619-Feb-77
133 The Proposal FalkBarry21-Feb-772-Apr-77
134 Guardian of the Eastern Dark FalkBarry4-Apr-7713-Aug-77
135 The Tyrant of Tarakimo FalkBarry15-Aug-7729-Oct-77
136 Phantom Wedding FalkBarry31-Oct-774-Feb-78
137 The Three Bandits FalkBarry6-Feb-7815-Apr-78
138 Return to Tarakimo FalkBarry17-Apr-7816-Sep-78
139 Jungle City FalkBarry18-Sep-7816-Dec-78
140 The Heirs FalkBarry18-Dec-7819-May-79
141 Jungle Gold FalkBarry21-May-798-Sep-79
142 The Return of General Bababu FalkBarry10-Sep-7916-Feb-80
143 The Tree House FalkBarry18-Feb-8019-Jul-80
144 The Poachers FalkBarry21-Jul-801-Nov-80
145 Gooroo’s Jungle Muggers FalkBarry3-Nov-804-Apr-81
146 The Hostages FalkBarry6-Apr-814-Jul-81
147 The Phantom’s Vacation FalkBarry6-Jul-8112-Sep-81
148 The Return of Gooroo’s Mob FalkBarry14-Sep-8116-Jan-82
149 Tale of Rex FalkBarry18-Jan-8211-Sep-82
150 Queen Karola of Kula-Ku FalkBarry13-Sep-8212-Feb-83
151 Ughland FalkBarry14-Feb-832-Jul-83
152 Visit to Baronkhan FalkBarry4-Jul-8326-Nov-83
153 Luck and Wealth FalkBarry28-Nov-8326-May-84
154 The Kimberly Diamonds FalkBarry28-May-848-Sep-84
155 The Embassy Siege FalkBarry10-Sep-8422-Dec-84
156 The Presidents FalkBarry24-Dec-841-Jun-85
157 Drug Busters FalkBarry3-Jun-857-Sep-85
158 The Lake Lady FalkBarry9-Sep-851-Mar-86
159 Ruler of Baronkhan FalkBarry3-Mar-865-Jul-86
160 The Tarashima Terrorists FalkBarry7-Jul-8611-Apr-87
161 The Snake Goddess FalkBarry13-Apr-8712-Sep-87
162 Zabadabah FalkBarry14-Sep-8716-Jan-88
163 The Man-Thing FalkBarry18-Jan-8821-May-88
164 Great Raptor of Rhua FalkBarry23-May-883-Sep-88
165 Chasamba FalkBarry5-Sep-884-Feb-89
166 Rex: Prince of Baronkhan FalkBarry6-Feb-895-Aug-89
167 Massacre at Walker’s Table FalkBarry7-Aug-8911-Nov-89
168 The Death Threat FalkBarry13-Nov-8924-Mar-90
169 The Master of Eden FalkBarry26-Mar-9016-Jun-90
170 Attack of the Witchmen FalkBarry18-Jun-9013-Oct-90
171 The Valley of the Elephants FalkBarry15-Oct-902-Feb-91
172 Zima, The Rogue Elephant FalkBarry4-Feb-918-Jun-91
173 The Jungle Patrol v The Drug Cartel FalkBarry10-Jun-912-Nov-91
174 King Bongong FalkBarry4-Nov-911-Feb-92
175 Prince Rex and Princess Alicia FalkBarry3-Feb-9225-Apr-92
176 Blackie FalkBarry27-Apr-9218-Jul-92
177 The Attilan Mystery FalkBarry20-Jul-926-Feb-93
178 The Moxley Awards FalkBarry8-Feb-9319-Jun-93
179 Nukes FalkBarry21-Jun-9313-Nov-93
180 Dinosaur FalkBarry15-Nov-9312-Feb-94
181 The Plotters FalkBarry14-Feb-944-Jun-94
182 The Phantom Cowboy FalkBarry, Olesen, Williams6-Jun-9417-Dec-94
183 Buried Treasure FalkOlesen, Williams19-Dec-9429-Apr-95
184 The Beasts of Phantom Head Peak FalkOlesen, Williams1-May-952-Sep-95
185 Raiders of the Eastern Dark FalkOlesen, Williams4-Sep-956-Jan-96
186 Mr Big FalkOlesen, Williams8-Jan-9618-May-96
187 Drama on Eden FalkOlesen, Williams, Fredericks20-May-9630-Nov-96
188 Prince Rex – Kidnapped FalkOlesen, Williams2-Dec-9629-Mar-97
189 The Silks of Emira FalkOlesen, Williams31-Mar-9726-Jul-97
190 The Shaman FalkOlesen, Williams28-Jul-9715-Nov-97
191 Joomkar’s Crown FalkOlesen, Williams17-Nov-9718-Apr-98
192 The Crater FalkOlesen, Williams20-Apr-9826-Sep-98
193 The Dakk Pirates FalkOlesen, Williams28-Sep-989-Jan-99
194 The Albee FalkOlesen, Williams11-Jan-9913-Mar-99
195 Terror at the Opera Falk, FalkOlesen, Williams15-Mar-9910-Jul-99
196 The Ghost Wall DePaulOlesen, Williams12-Jul-9920-Oct-99
197 The Halloween Kidnappers ReimerthiOlesen, Williams21-Oct-9915-Jan-00
198 The Treasure Hunters DePaulOlesen, Williams17-Jan-006-May-00
199 The Strange Robber ReimerthiOlesen, Williams8-May-005-Aug-00
200 The Secret City DePaulOlesen, Williams7-Aug-0011-Nov-00
201 Valley of the Gorillaman DePaulOlesen, Williams13-Nov-0017-Mar-01
202 Ghost Quest DePaulOlesen, Williams19-Mar-0121-Jul-01
203 The Ghost Pirates DePaulOlesen, Williams23-Jul-0117-Nov-01
204 The Animal Collector DePaulOlesen, Williams19-Nov-0130-Mar-02
205 The Immortal Man DePaulOlesen, Williams1-Apr-023-Aug-02
206 The Crusader’s Treasure DePaulOlesen, Williams5-Aug-0228-Dec-02
207 Jungle Mystery DePaulOlesen, Williams30-Dec-0226-Apr-03
208 The Hit Men DePaulOlesen, Williams28-Apr-0330-Aug-03
209 The Connoisseurs ReimerthiOlesen, Williams1-Sep-0327-Dec-03
210 The Viper God DePaulOlesen, Williams29-Dec-031-May-04
211 The Locust God DePaulOlesen, Williams3-May-0428-Aug-04
212 Stripes DePaulOlesen, Williams30-Aug-041-Jan-05
213 Temple of the Gods, Part 1: The U-Boat Mystery DePaulOlesen, Williams, Ryan3-Jan-0514-May-05
214 Temple of the Gods, Part 2: Return to Eden DePaulRyan16-May-0517-Sep-05
215 The Crime Apprentices DePaulRyan19-Sep-0514-Jan-06
216 The Jungle Trek DePaulRyan16-Jan-0613-May-06
217 The Return of Chatu DePaulRyan15-May-062-Sep-06
218 The Doorman DePaulRyan4-Sep-0630-Dec-06
219 The Mozznappers DePaulRyan1-Jan-0728-Apr-07
220 The Voyaging Canoe DePaulRyan30-Apr-0725-Aug-07
221 Graffiti Phantom DePaulRyan27-Aug-075-Jan-08
222 The Patrolwomen DePaulRyan7-Jan-083-May-08
223 The Drill Boss DePaulRyan5-May-0830-Aug-08
224 Justice for the Python DePaulRyan1-Sep-0827-Dec-08
225 Crocco Island West DePaulRyan29-Dec-0825-Apr-09
226 The Hunt for the Unknown Commander DePaulRyan27-Apr-0922-Aug-09
227 The Death of Diana Palmer Walker DePaulRyan24-Aug-0919-Dec-09
228 The Phantom at Sea DePaulRyan21-Dec-0917-Apr-10
229 Terror Cells of New York DePaulRyan19-Apr-1014-Aug-10
230 The Trail to Gravelines Prison! DePaulRyan16-Aug-1011-Dec-10
231 Chatu’s Fate DePaulRyan13-Dec-107-May-11
232 The College Kid DePaulRyan9-May-1113-Aug-11
233 A Detente with Crime DePaulRyan15-Aug-1110-Dec-11
234 The Den of Tigers DePaulRyan12-Dec-117-Apr-12
235 Mexico’s Phantom DePaulRyan9-Apr-1218-Aug-12
236 The Phantom Lion DePaulRyan20-Aug-1230-Mar-13
237 The Aeronaut DePaulRyan1-Apr-1330-Nov-13
238 The Scoundrel DePaulRyan2-Dec-1319-Apr-14
239 Terror’s Mutiny DePaulRyan21-Apr-1423-Aug-14
240 John X DePaulRyan25-Aug-1427-Dec-14
241 Patrolman X DePaulRyan29-Dec-149-May-15
242 The Challenge DePaulRyan11-May-1512-Sep-15
243 The Twins’ Futures DePaulRyan14-Sep-1530-Jan-16
244 The Baronkhan Sedition DePaulRyan, Manley1-Feb-164-Jun-16
245 Farewell to the Deep Woods DePaulManley6-Jun-165-Nov-16
246 The Phantom Stamp DePaulManley7-Nov-1611-Mar-17
247 The Curse of Old Man Mozz DePaulManley13-Mar-1723-Sep-17
248 The Return of the Locust DePaulManley25-Sep-1717-Feb-18
249 A Reckoning with the Nomad DePaulManley19-Feb-1810-Nov-18
250 Kit’s Letter Home DePaulManley12-Nov-188-Dec-18
251 Heloise Comes Home DePaulManley10-Dec-18 28-Sep-19
252The Rhodian ColumnDePaulManley30- Sep-19