Phantom figurines, figure, statues and busts come in all shapes and sizes, made from various materials, produced in an array of countries over time by numerous companies.

Below is a small selection of either custom, limited or common figurines, figures, statues and busts of the Phantom.


Syroco – Multi Products Inc – USA

Defenders Of The Earth – Galoob – USA

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Defenders Of The Earth – Galoob – UK

Defenders Of The Earth – GiG – Italy

Captain Action – Ideal – USA

Captain Action – Playing Mantis – USA

Phantom 2040 – France

Phantom Movie – Street Players – USA

The Phantom – Dark Horse Comics – USA

Fantasma – Glasslite – Brazil

The Phantom – Cast-A-Way – USA

Comic Book Superstars – Kasual Friday – USA

The Phantom And The Voodoo Witch Doctor – Revell – USA

The Phantom And The Voodoo Witch Doctor – Atlantis – USA

Mallows – Shocker Toys – USA

Fantomen Bobble Head – Egmont – Sweden

Bobble Head – Ikon Collectables – Australia

Pop Vinyl – Funko Inc – USA

Phantom Pop! Heroes were produced by Funko in USA from 2014 until 2016. The figures measure 3.75” tall and vary in color; purple, red, blue and grey (exclusive to Australia).

Mike Becker a prominent toy collector, originally founded “Funko” in 1998 Snohomish, Washington, USA. Funko’s original success was licensing the rights to Bobbleheads for Austin Powers, which sold 80,000 units, followed by Tony the Tiger and the Grinch just to name a few. The ‘Pop!’ Vinyl figure line commenced in 2011.

The Phantom – Sugar Loaf – USA

Golden Age Guardians – CKRT Lab Toys – USA

Fantasma Play Set – Gulliver Manufatura de Brinquedos – Brazil

Fantasma Figure – Gulliver Manufatura de Brinquedos – Brazil

Various Rubber Figures



Statues – Ikon Collectables – Australia

Reelart Studios – USA

Bradford Exchange – USA

Croftminster – Australia

Electric Tiki Design – USA


Bowen Designs – Australia

Phanfare Productions – Australia


Various ‘Bootleg’ Figurines (unlicensed)