Croftminster Good Mark & Skull Rings

The Phantom Good Mark and Skull Rings were produced by Croftminster in Australia in 2007. Limited to 2000 of each ring worldwide, and fully licensed by King Features Syndicate, the Phantom Good Mark and Skull Rings are made of 925. Silver with an adjustable band. The Rings are individually numbered, both on the Ring itself and on the packaging.

Croftminster Pty Ltd traded under the name of ‘Banter Toys and Collectibles. It was founded by Gary John Isaacs in 1988 in Victoria, Australia. The company is an Australian leader and distributor of licensed entertainment toys and collectibles.

The Phantom Good Mark and Skull Rings were packaged in a timber ‘chest’ style case with brass hinges and closing clasp. The chest was then placed in a cardboard box covered in another see-through clear plastic case for protection. The cardboard box is labeled ‘Good Mark Ring’ or ‘Skull Ring’ with the respective ring symbols printed.

Depending on the ring located within the timber case, we find either the Good Mark or the Skull Ring marks of the Phantom engraved into the side of the chest.

The Phantom Good Mark and Skull Rings were also accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, with an endorsement by Jim Shepherd, past Phantom comic publisher at Frew Publications.