Musta Naamio Kerho

Musta Naamio Kerho (which translates to ‘Black Mask Club’) is a Phantom club that was established in Finland by the publisher of Musta Naamio, Semic Press Oy.

We see below a page dedicated on how to join Musta Naamio Kerho in number 1, 1970.

Club members received a membership certificate, a membership card, a code key booklet and Phantom rings.

Similar to Fantomet Klubben which operated in Norway, also by Semic Press, Musta Naamio Kerho was promoted in Musta Naamio comics, with section of the comic dedicated to club correspondence, letters from readers, club competitions, and messages from ‘Subdivisions’.

Members of Musta Naamio Kerho would participate in publisher run competitions published in Musta Naamio comics. By decoding a secret message using the code key booklet, members were able to send in their answers to the publishers to win prizes if their name came up in the raffle.

Members of Musta Naamio Kerho were also able to establish ‘Subdivisions’ within their local areas, with members organizing events to meetup and socialize. The members were able to name their ‘Subdivisions’, with specific ‘Diplomi’ issued by Semic Press Oy recognizing these ‘Subdivisions’.

Semic Sarjakerho

Semic Sarjakerho (which translates to ‘Semic League Club’) is a fan club that was established in Finland by Semic Press Oy.

The club ran in conjunction with Musta Naamio Kerho, however Semic Sarjakerho wasn’t a club excusive to the Phantom. The club crossed over various comic book characters being published by Semic Press Oy at the time, including Flash Gordon, Spiderman and Superman.

As we can see below, advertisements appeared in various comic books, inviting readers to join the Semic Sarjakerho club.

Semic Sarjakerho also issued club member certificates titled ‘Diplomi’ as can be seen below.