Giant Games Book

The Phantom Giant Games Book is published by World Distributors (Manchester) UK in the United Kingdom in 1967.

‘World Distributors Ltd’ was founded by three brothers Alfred, John, and Sydney Pemberton in 1945, Manchester United Kingdom. The company was a publisher and distributor of comics and magazines for 54 years until finally selling to the Egmont Group in 1999. World Distributors is mostly recognized for their hardback annuals, based on popular film, television, animation, and comic themes. The annuals generally contained comics (more often reprints of American titles) mixed with illustrated text stories, word games, and puzzles. 

The Phantom Giant Games Book measures 13.5” x 10 .5”, contains 24 pages with a mix of color and black and white pages. It was printed in Holland and published by World Distributors Ltd in the UK in 1967. The same year its sister publishing division released the coveted 8 issue set of World Adventure Library Phantom paperback books.

Book Contains:

  • Story: Green Eye of Jupiter
  • Game: The Phantoms Hideout
  • Game: Hero in Peril
  • Game; Beat the Devil
  • Game: Buried Treasure
  • Game: Devil is Lost (Back Cover)

Thank you Christopher Smith for assisting with images and information.